2020 - 2021


Update as of February 2021:


We here at Stage III Community Theatre have come to the difficult decision that due to the current COVID-19 regulations we are going to postpone 9to5: The Musical until a time in which these regulations have lifted. We would love to do this musical and we would love to produce it to the best of our capabilities but with current restrictions we feel that it would be best if we wait until a time when we can sing without masks, have a full cast of wonderful people, and show it to as many people as we have seats. We apologize for having to cancel this show.

In lieu of  9to5 we will be putting up a small, fun, murder mystery called Murder on West Moon Street since we have yet to do a murder mystery this season. Here is a quick tidbit about the show: "Young Lord Arthur is deliriously happy – just down from Oxford and engaged to be married – when a mysterious palm reader predicts that he will commit a murder."

Murder West poster.jpeg