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Opening March 4th 2023!!
Escape From The Actor's Nightmare

Escape Room 2 Actor's Nightmare.png

You’re supposed to go on stage in an hour … but you can’t recall what play you’re in, which character you are, what costume to wear, or what your first line is.  It’s the classic “actor’s nightmare” come to life!   Can your team of up to 6 people solve the puzzles and clues hidden amongst the props, costumes, make-up, and more in our backstage escape room before the curtain goes up?   You might not win a Tony, but the fastest team will get bragging rights, theatre tickets, and a round of drinks at our sponsor, Backwards Distillery.


Limit 6 people per room. Tickets sales end 2 hours before room starts so get your tickets early. Please note some room times may already have tickets sold for them. 

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